The Heat That Kills

CaldoBeware of heat stroke, often underestimated, but actually really dangerous

The heat: there are those who call upon him, and those who just can not stand him and constantly complain. But do not underestimate these grumbles. Often, for those of slender muscles, sit for hours in a car in direct sunlight or on the beach, is a real torture which can also have unpleasant consequences.

In fact heat strokes are popular in this season. These occur for a mismatch between the ability of the subject to sweat and the outside temperature that many times, being warm moisted, do not allow for adequate ventilation.

Then it occurs a real cardiovascular collapse with a feeling of faintness, nausea, extreme weakness or even fever and vomiting.

What to do in such cases? First of all do not underestimate the situation and intervene rapidly with cold baths in the tub or repeated cold clutches and ice on the forehead. I recommend as a homeopathic medicine Belladonna 5 CH  3 granules, taken two times a day.

Are also very useful herbal tea of linden and elder or lime and mint drinked fresh as they facilitate sweating. It ‘also imperative to stay away from the sun for a couple of days and rest in bed.