The clinic for the recovery and maintenance of health

Our project

The clinic natural Casa Salute promotes a new culture of health that involves the guest as a unique and unified mind, body and spirit, to be treated holistically and in collaboration with the resources that nature provides us with.
Casasalute proposes a new approach to the disease that cures the cause instead of stopping at the symptom, an environment of prevention and divulgation of health, relations with international scope, with differentiated specialists, to be updated in the progress that health medicine makes worldwide each year.
Dr Roberto Bianchi is the founder of Casa Salute.

How healthy living up to one hundred years!

A natural way of life allows us to live healthy and free from disease, to prevent illness and maintain a high state of physical-functional wellbeing.
Natural clinic Casasalute promotes regular meetings, specialist visits, healthy days or weeks to learn how to cure, to take care of ourselves with the nature.